Friday, 20 January 2012

#139 In the Studio: Collectors

Tom Dailey, Sandy and artist Curt Walters
It's an extraordinary compliment when an artist
whose work you admire collects your work
The annual juried museum art shows such as the Autry Museum's Masters of the American West, National Cowboy Western Heritage Museum's Prix de West and National Museum of Wildlife Art's Western Visions in Jackson, WY allow the artist to meet their collectors.  These prestigious shows are coveted invitations to the artist and I look forward to introducing new works at these gala annual events.  They are attended by not only collectors but gallery owners, art lovers and students; a wide range of people in the art business who are interested in the arts.  The rest of the year I'm represented by my galleries and rarely have a chance to meet my collectors.

The most profound realization of my life is that there are people I have never met who live with my art, and therefore I share with them a personal, if not intimate relationship.

The sculpture below will introduced this year at The Wild West in American Art, 
May 5 thru July 22, 2012 Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC.

Bison Fragment II
26"H 37"W 8"D

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