Tuesday, 24 January 2012

#142 In the Field: Bird anatomy and sculpture workshop con't . . .

First day session at the Scottsdale Artists' School workshop
Sandy explaining bird anatomy using a roasting hen from the local grocery  
There is nothing random in nature; everything is structured. Although animal sculptors do not need to be scientists they must know and understand the important bones, joints and muscles, not only where they attach but how they articulate. In addition to this knowledge the bird sculptor must know the major feather groups, and the mechanics
of flight.  Birds in flight don't pose, therefore this understanding is a must.

Every bird has the same basic anatomy and feather groupings . . . from the tiny sparrow to the domestic chicken to the gigantic albatross.  Each individual bird species, however, has unique characteristics.

Crowing Rooster II (bas relief) Wall Hanging
16"H 15"W 3"D

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  1. Wish I was there - I learned so much at last years workshop. thank you for sharing this.