Friday, 13 January 2012

#133 Remarque: "Eat More Beef"

Humans and pigs have a strong affinity.  People smile when they see a pig and often they are considered cute.  Yes, an animal can seem cute and certainly, the goal of the artist is to evoke an emotional response.

However, my goal while designing Eat More Beef was to avoid "cuteness" and the exploitation of emotion by humanizing the creature's expression.  I wanted to emphasize mass while portraying a typical pose and presenting a strong yet delightful presence.

Eat More Beef  has credentials and is in the permeant collection of two major American museums.  Shown is Trish with the monument in the Children's Sculpture Garden at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina.  It is also in the R.W. Norton Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Eat More Beef Monument
56" H

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