Saturday, 7 January 2012

#128 Remarque: "Setter On Point"

I love dogs and routinely use them as models.  Unlike a grizzly, I can get up close and personal with my subject.  I own a hunting dog as well as a Scottish Terrier and have great
in-the-field and in-house reference material.
I've sculpted many of breeds and because I love to bird hunt, depicting the English Setter on point brought back memories of a favorite and understood pose.

I've included an except from the best dog book I've ever read and I encourage you to read it - you will thank me for recommending Jenny Willow and you will thank the author, 
Mike Gaddis, for writing this literary masterpiece.

The honor and loyalty of a dog had no equivalent 
with humankind.  It was the difference between
diamonds and cut glass.  Hard and long ago he 
had learned that, and its value.  There could be 
only one acceptable exchange.  When you accepted 
the trust in canine eyes, it must be for their lifetime.
Anything less was a betrayal.  A betrayal he could 
not abide.  Particularly with a dog bred for the gun.
                                                               Mike Gaddis
                                                               Jenny Willow

Setter On Point
11"H 14"L 6"D

Setter On Point
11"H 14"L 6"D

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