Friday, 11 November 2011

#80 In the field: The deer stand . . .

An inch of snow fell yesterday as we made our way down an old logging road.  We parked the truck in the silvery gray dawn and entered the wet woods on a game trail we had scouted last week while grouse hunting.  

Trish spent the day on a low granite ridge overlooking a little meadow and I hiked further and sat in the wooded fringes.

I absorbed my vista in solitude and sat silent all day listening to wilderness sounds.  I recaptured the sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure I had felt during my early years in the North country as the rocks, trees, birds and all that I found there became my world.  

Cold and snowy - back to the cabin by moonlight.  Full Rutting Moon, Full Frosty Moon. The cabin warmth felt good.  

Detail from original etching
used by Gray's Sporting Journal and
Leupold Optics catalog

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