Saturday, 5 November 2011

#74 Throw on another log. . . Remembering Bob Kuhn

While reading my camp journal last night I noted that four years ago on this day Trish and I returned to the Lake of the Woods cabin studio after attending the Bob Kuhn memorial gathering in Tucson, AZ.

The celebrated artist was a personal friend.  In 1989 I had the distinct pleasure of spending two weeks with Bob and a group of wildlife artists in Southeast Alaska.  You really get to know your shipmates on a boat that sleeps 12.

Of all the artists I have known - both sculptors and painters - Bob has had the greatest impact on my work.

When teaching sculpture workshops, I tell my students to look at a Bob Kuhn painting and see how he structures the animal:  He is a design genius who paints motion and knows how to choose that one meaningful instant - that perfect pose to give life to the subject.

At the core of his exquisite work are his drawings.  I own a few of them and they continue to inspire me and to remind me what a privilege it was to have known and have spent time with this giant of a man.

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