Monday, 7 November 2011

#76 In the studio: Moose sculpture block-in con't. . .

After a long day I put the moose sculpture I started yesterday morning aside and will live with it, which is my working style.  The photo tells me my proportions are off: The head is too small and the legs are too short. I will continue obsessing on it and "tweaking" it while here.  It will go to the Lander studio when we leave where I have better reference material.

Typically, I have many pieces going on in the three studios:  Sometimes 50 or more in various stages of completion.
I'll use low light which produces strong shadows to eventually finish the work.  Inspiration, deadlines, finding or experiencing new reference material or simply "seeing it" will cause the conclusion, signing, molding and casting of the sculpture.

Moose block-in study ready to "tweak"

"Sculpture is the study of a thousand silhouettes."  

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