Thursday, 10 November 2011

#79 In the field: The Rutting Moon . . .

While reading the Farmers' Almanac I was reminded that tonight is the night of the Full Beaver Moon. It is also referred to as the Full Frosty Moon or Full Rutting Moon.  November was the time to set beaver traps before freeze-up. The rut is the mating season for the deer family.

These names date back to Native Americans of what is now northern and eastern United States and southern Canada. Some are hauntingly beautiful . . . Full Wolf Moon is in Jan. - the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages; Full Flower Moon or Milk Moon in May; Full Buck Moon or Thunder Moon in July - when the new antlers of the buck deer push out of their foreheads; Full Harvest Moon in Sept.; Full Hunter's Moon or Blood Moon in Oct.

The boat is loaded and we are leaving the island for the mainland on a frosty morning
 under the Full Rutting Moon to deer hunt.

Mule Deer
12 x 4 1/2
Original etching

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