Wednesday, 30 November 2011

#95 Throw on another log: "loose" con't . . .

There is no technical trick for modeling in a "loose" manner.  The sculptor
must simply feel or sense that he or she has created a meaningful shape
and surface passage.  This cannot be accomplished without understanding
the subject's anatomy.

Take any man and develop his mind and soul and heart 
to the fullest by the right work and the right study 
and then let him find through this training 
the utmost freedom of expression.  
For a man ceases to imitate when he has achieved 
the power to express fully and freely his own ideas.
                                                           - Robert Henri

Roosting Rooster Fragment I
19"H 26"W 6"D
with detail below 

"Loose" is how it looks, not how it's done.

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