Friday, 18 November 2011

#87 Throw on another log: Tradition . . .

The cabin in Canada is cold and silent now and I'm sure the mice are in residence after being terrorized for over a month by Watcher, our Scotty.

I'm still under the spell of the north country, like I always am at the end of the season and as I write this I'm thinking about opening up next summer;  it's been a tradition since I bought the cabin in 1978.  My etchings that hang on the log walls paid for the place. 

It was beyond my wildest dreams to think I could ever own a camp on a Lake of the Woods island when I left art school in the early 60's.  During those years we stayed at Red Deer Lodge, which can be seen looking north off our deck.  Collectors responded to my etchings which were inspired by what I had experienced in the wilderness and was passionate about .

Lake of the Woods: A tradition and the genesis of my artistic statement.

Those who would make us feel,
must feel themselves.
                     - George Churchill

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