Saturday, 12 November 2011

#81 Remarque: "Whitetail Head Study"

Whitetail Head Study
10"H 6"W 5"D
I am a conservationist and a hunter.  Hunting is an autumn ritual, a tradition, the way I was raised in rural Oklahoma.  Venison steaks and stew meat, chops, roasts and tenderloin will be nourishment for body and soul during the long months between seasons.

In the fall I become a player; no longer just an observer I become an integral part of nature.

When we eat, something has died.  
When we hunt, we strive to retain some 
measure of connection with the earth 
whence we came and to which we 
inexorably return.  To hunt is to embrace 
one's identity as a creature.

                                                            ___ C. Stanley Mason
                                                                   "Voices on the Wind"

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