Sunday, 2 February 2014

#501 Museum Shows: The Autry, con't . . .

The Autry weekend is over and below are
 images and memories of one of the most important
exhibitions of representational art in the country:
The Autry Masters.  
I enjoyed good sales, met lots of collectors and saw many old friends.

The exhibition is open Sat. Feb 1, through Sun, Mar 16, 2014
 more information start with post #498, Jan. 22 and go to

Below, the high-relief sculpture, Hawkeye, is mounted for a wall hanging.

Below, Great Horned Owl, 5 x 7 oil on panel.

Below, are images of the new works that were introduced at the
Autry Museum's Masters of the American West Exhibition and Sale.

Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish Smith

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