Sunday, 3 March 2013

#400 At the foundry: Patina, the power of color, con't . . .

Please start this series about patina with post #391, Feb. 13

The sculpture below is entitled In the Orchard and is another example of a multi-colored, "toy soldier" styled patina.  Please scroll back to the previous post for an explanation of this type of application.

Although I rarely use this type of patina - I typically use a single color - I felt that the decorative blush of red on the apple enhanced the visual interpretation of the little bronze.  Most important, when using a decorative, multi-colored patina, is retaining the overall clarity and unified shapes.

Imagine the photography in black and white . . . color should not define form.

In the Orchard
7"H 6"W 7"D
Copyright, Sandy Scott

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