Wednesday, 18 April 2012

#213 In the field: Brookgreen Gardens Workshop

Portable clay warming device:
heat lamp and bucket 
Monday morning was the first day of my 3-day 2012  Brookgreen Gardens Bird Anatomy and Sculpture Workshop.  For information about Brookgreen Gardens please refer to brookgreen.org and brookgreenworkshops.com

Teaching bird anatomy and sculpture is a personal discipline and has been rewarding
over the years in that I continue to explore, learn and stay in touch with the basics.
This afternoon will end a 3-day information packed introduction to bird sculpture,
and the 4 "A's":  anatomy, aerodynamics, armature building, and art.

Workshops provide continuing education for adults and an opportunity to learn from a working, professional artist/instructor.  I enjoy working with students of all levels of proficiency; particularly beginners and painters.  We focus on birds in flight  and my teaching method is structured and methodical . . . a step by step "follow me" approach.

For more information about my workshops please refer to Blogs #140 - #145, January 21 - 27, 2012. 

Students  participating in a group critique of  a Common Tern clay block-in sculpture


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