Friday, 13 April 2012

#209 In the field: Gilcrease workshop

Yesterday I completed a 3-day workshop at the Gilcrease Museum.  I had the delightful experience of teaching in the original house that Thomas Gilcrease built and lived in, located in the beautiful Osage Hills northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma where the museum is located.

I enjoy teaching 3-day workshops . . . typically, my workshops are 5-day but I have found that it's possible to condense the class to 3 days.  My workshops are structured, organized and I cover an enormous amount of information about bird anatomy, flight, armature building, and the art of sculpture in general.
The subject focused upon in this class was the Common Tern:  a bird with a 30" wingspan which we modeled life-size.

My sculpture, Above It All, was acquired by Gilcrease in 2000 and is installed on the grounds.

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