Saturday, 20 August 2011

#6 Remarque: "Hearts Entwined"

The dove motif has a noteworthy and special meaning to me:  Thirty years ago in 1981 I turned my attention to sculpture which had interested me since early studies at the Kansas City Art Institute.  My etchings and stone lithographs had been in galleries for years and sculpture was not only a diversion but a medium I wanted to add to my portfolio.  I spent a considerable amount of time modelling the first piece to be cast in bronze entitled Fantail Dove.  The work was modeled from life using birds raised and bred at my studio then located in El Paso, Texas. It was well received, won several awards and sold out quickly.  

Printmaking took a back seat to sculpture and I soon moved my studio to the Loveland/Fort Collins, Colorado area where the foundries were located to pursue sculpture — my new passion.

And now, thirty years later I have revisited my beloved subject, the fantail dove and created Hearts Entwined.

Hearts Entwined
12"H 22"L 11"D

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