Friday, 19 August 2011

#5 Remarque: "Elephant Fragments I & II"

On September  15, 2011 Wilcox Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming is introducing a new portfolio of my sculpture and recent works. This coincides with the Western Visions Art Show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Jackson Hole Arts Festival and other art events.  
Over the next few weeks I will introduce new works on this blog.  Many of the new pieces are fragments and truncated sections from previously introduced works in the round.  They are designed to be used as mantelpieces or placed close to a wall.  I'm also presenting three-dimisional bronze wall hangings that group well with paintings.  

All sculptures are signed and numbered in a limited edition and will be available in my galleries.  I will post the new sculpture as it comes out of the foundry and is photographed and review recent works as well.  You will notice that some of the recent bronzes are already on my website.

Elephant Fragments I and II

Elephant Fragment I

Elephant Fragment II

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