Saturday, 27 August 2011

#12 Remarque: "Red-tailed Hawk Alert"

This large, broad-winged hawk often perches along road sides on fence posts or in trees and hunts mainly mammals.
Each individual bird species has unique shapes and characteristics.  The artist who recognizes this individuality can achieve, for instance, an unmistakable "hawk-ness", a "falcon-ness" or an "eagle-ness" in their sculpture.  If it's a hawk, it must shout HAWK!

The most important characteristic of an animal must be grabbed and perceived by the viewer at once.  The secret to the "grab" is to choose a pose or gesture that is typical of or even unique to that animal.

Red-tailed Hawk Alert
20"H 13"W 15"D

Red-tailed Hawk Alert
20"H 13"W 15"D

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