Wednesday, 2 July 2014

#544 Beyond my studio window . . . bird reference

I experience many wild birds at my studio headquarters in Lander, Wyoming.
On the north and east boundaries of the rural property, the Popo Agie River flows.  The beautiful river, which is a tributary of the Wind River, is home and sanctuary to many species of birds and as the seasons change, I've come to anticipate and understand when to have my camera and sketchbook close by.

My barn cat had kittens a few weeks ago which caused a Great Horned Owl to hang out in the willow tree by the studio.  The kittens survived and I was able to photograph and sketch the great bird shown at right.

My pond is a favorite nesting site for Canada Geese and other waterfowl.
There's a little island that provides a safe place for spring nesting and typically, several broods will hatch including Canada Geese, Mallards and Mergansers.  

Below, are photos taken at the pond this spring.

Below, a migrating flock of White-faced Ibis spent several days feeding in the pasture with the resident Mallards.

Pheasants are non-migratory and can be seen year around.  Below, is an image taken in the winter.

Below, the Great Blue Heron is routinely in residence at the pond.

Shown below, is a small portfolio of bird art of the subjects mentioned in this blog.

Hay Bay
19"H 25"W 14"D

 Marauder of the Night
14"H 8"W 6"D

Nesting Heron
15"H 25"W 26"D

After the Hunt
29"H 19"W 4"D

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