Wednesday, 16 July 2014

#548 Classic Salmon Flies

Since the mid-18th century the art of tying trout and salmon flies has developed into a sublime and celebrated art form.  Years ago a fishing buddy and friend from Maine gave me six classic double-hooked salmon flies and I was
captivated by their delicate beauty.  I refer to the six patterns I was given as "classic" because they
define the traditional and authoritative designs of all time. 

 The year was 1980 and my medium of choice was original intaglio printmaking using the bitten plate with occasional watercolor tint.  I created an etching of the classic salmon flies as well as individual etchings of each of the six classic patterns.  If ever the use of watercolor enhancement was appropriate for an etching,  the use of color told the story with the salmon flies.  Also, I used an exquisite French Rives buff rag paper and sepia ink which had become an identifiable trademark for my printmaking by 1980.  The sepia ink and plate tone presented an earth tone which blended well
with the transparent watercolor application - much like an underpainting.
The flies were drawn onto the plate actual size and the etchings are shown below.

Silver Doctor
Green Highlander

Jock Scott

Dusty Miller

Black Dose
Durham Ranger

Below, is an image of an etching depicting a hooked salmon. . . appropriately titled,  "Hooked!"

Below, is a photo of Trish with a Pink Salmon - also known as a "Humpy" -  caught on a spoon while casting in
salt water off Morris Reef in Southeast Alaska.  Although I've caught lots of salmon in Alaska over the
years - my favorites are kings and silvers - I've never caught one with a fly . . . there's still time!
By the way, fishing for salmon in the Pacific is MUCH different than fishing for them in the
Atlantic and fishing for salmon in saltwater is different than fishing in brackish or freshwater.

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