Sunday, 24 March 2013

#409 In the studio: Bird anatomy, con't . . .

Please start this bird anatomy series with post #403, March 10.

Once the artist researches each species' behavior to perceive size, habits, proportion, gesture, pose,
and knows the basics of the skeleton, anatomy, and the sets of feather groupings inherent to all birds,
the bird sculptor simply uses this knowledge to assemble shapes.

I tell participants in my workshops that once bird anatomy is understood,
they will never again look at a bird in the same way.

Below, is a sculpture of a Bufflehead duck stretching it's wings.
Since birds in flight or in motion don't pose for you . . .
  knowledge gained from knowing the supermarket chicken anatomy,
knowing a bird's feather groups,
as well as many hours afield; resulted in Day on the Bay . . .
one of my all-time favorite works.

A Day on the Bay
12"H 15"W 10"D (life-size)
Copyright - Sandy Scott

Note: There will be more about the creation of this sculpture, including field sketches and notes,
in an upcoming blog.

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