Friday, 20 April 2012

#215 In the field: Brookgreen Gardens Workshop, con't . . .

This week I taught a 3-day Bird Anatomy and Sculpture Workshop at Brookgreen Gardens at Murrell's Inlet, SC;
see posts #213 and #214 and refer to the REFERENCE link
under PAGES for more information about bird anatomy.

Though animal sculptors do not need to be scientists, they
must know and understand the important bones, joints and muscles, not only where they attach but how they articulate.
In addition to this knowledge the bird sculptor must know the major feather groups, individual feather construction and
the mechanics of flight.

All birds have a basic and predictable structure:
the bird sculptor must know the basic skelton and the
sets of feathers inherent to all birds.

The humerus, elbow, and portion of the radius/ulna drawn on the clay model


  1. My bird arrived in the mail today and I was reminded of the facts, that I will never look at a bird quite the same way. Sandy Scott is a wonderful teacher and very encouraging, patient, and beautiful spirit. Brookgreen Gardens is a heavenly experience for the sculptor, I am so thankful I got to go. Good vibrations to everyone in our class.
    Love Catherine

  2. Thank you Catherine, one of the reasons I teach workshops is because of people like you. Yes, Brookgreen is magic.