Monday, 2 April 2012

#201 In the studio: Animals in motion

When modeling an animal in motion, whether it's a quadruped, a bird, or a human; 
the eyes must be level with, and parallel to the horizon.  When you see horses running flat-out around a race track, their bodies leaning into the turn, notice that their eyes are parallel to the ground.  If you see a spooked deer, bounding over a fence while looking 
for an escape route, notice that the eyes are parallel to the ground. An eagle banking 
and soaring in a thermal;  or a football player . . . spinning, turning, and running for the goalpost . . . all will have their eyes parallel to the ground.  

A bird in flight can bank in excess of 65 degrees but the eyes are parallel to the ground. This fact of nature has something to do with the inner ear, balance, and logic.

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