Sunday, 1 February 2015

#605 Museum shows: The Autry Masters, con't . . .

The Autry Museum's 2015 Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale is in its eighteenth year and last night's gala saw brisk sales. 
Collectors from across America  attended the prestigious weekend
event in Los Angeles.  Please see the previous
blog for more information about the Masters.


The show will run through March 8th.

Below, are images and memories of another wonderful,
weekend with collectors,  patrons, donors, fellow artists,
museum staff,  and gallery, media, and art publication folks.

Below, Saturday's chuckwagon  lunch and awards ceremony . . . the barbecue brisket is always great!

Below, are two of my favorite people . . . good friends John Geraghty and fellow sculptor,
Richard Greeves.  John is the beloved Special Advisor to the Masters and this year,
Richard sculpted his portrait which was presented on Friday night at the artists and patrons dinner.

Below, are friends and fellow artists, Jim Wilcox and Tucker Smith . . . two of America's finest painters.
The marine paintings shown are by Christopher Blossom.

Below, after lunch on Saturday,  curator Amy Scott (far right)  moderated  a discussion with art collectors
and gallery owners.  Panelists: Brad Richardson (The Legacy Gallery), John Geraghty,
Maryvonne Leshe (Trailside Galleries), and collectors Bob McCloy and Ross McKnight,

Below, the Howard Terpning painting, "The Patrol - 1877" sold at the Friday night auction for $1,300,000.

Below, I'm standing by my raven sculpture entitled "The Taker".  Former governor of Oklahoma,
Frank Keating and his wife Kathy are looking at art behind me.  Artist Morgan Weistling at right.

Shown below, is the wildly popular miniature wall . . . last night every intent to purchase box was stuffed.

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Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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