Sunday, 24 August 2014

#559 In the studio: "Big Four of the Rockies", con't . . . the Moose

This is the second blog in a series of four regarding this subject . . . for more information, see the previous post.

Four new sculptures depicting the "Big Four" quadrupeds of the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone region will be
introduced next month in Jackson, Wyoming at the Wilcox Gallery.  The "Big Four" are the Grizzly, Moose,
Bison, and Elk . . . the last blog featured the Grizzly and this post focuses on the Moose.

Wilcox Gallery requested this suite of small sculptures to introduce to their clients and my collectors during the Jackson September high season which coincides with the Western Visions Show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Below, are images of the Moose clay model in progress.  All four of the new "Big Four" sculptures were created
outdoors this past summer and by using warm, buttery-soft clay, a smooth surface was achieved . . .  the use of
sculpture tools was kept to a minimum which imparted a spontaneous, free-flowing visual effect.  The sculptor
must have an understanding of quadruped structure and anatomy to work in this manner.  Anatomical waypoints
and proportion must be established and the animal's silhouette  - in this case, a moose - must shout,  "MOOSE!"
There should never be confusion about what animal an artist is attempting to depict!

Below, are recent photos taken in the field of one of my favorite subjects . . . the Moose.

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