Sunday, 15 December 2013

#487 In the field: Africa . . . Flamingo

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The Flamingo is the focus of this blog and is another species I experienced on my recent trip to Tanzania.

I saw the striking birds from a distance in the Ngorongoro Crater . . . they were at ease on the mud flats
 of a shallow, salty lake.  Although my photos below, are of poor quality and have heat shimmer,
I was excited to spot them in their natural habitat.  Flamingos typically fly at sunrise and sunset
and I did not get a chance to see them fly . . . maybe next year!

Below, flamingos and wildebeest.

Below, flamingos and hartebeest.

Below, flamingos and hyena.

Below, lots of action in Ngorongoro Crater.

I've seen flamingos many times in the United States in zoos such as the San Diego Zoo and in more natural environments in Florida.  Many scientists believe that the American Flamingo of the New World tropics is
so like the Greater Flamingo of the Old World - which includes Africa - that they are probably the same species.

Below, are drawings from my sketchbook.
The beautiful bird will be included in my African portfolio which is in progress.
I plan to present the creature as a life-sized sculpture . . .  the armature has
already been built and the design has been created, mentally and on paper.

Below, is an original watercolor-tinted etching created many years
ago from reference gathered at the Hialeah Race Track in Florida.

for anatomy reference, go to posts #563, #616, and #655.
Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish Smith

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