Sunday, 27 July 2014

#551 In the field: Wilderness aesthetics

This morning, Trish and I returned to our cabin in northern Colorado after an
"in the field" adventure in Colorado's high country.  We spent the week of my birthday - see the preceding blogpost - in a remote rustic cabin,  fishing, hiking, exploring, photographing, and sketching wildlife in the Rocky Mountains.

Every wildlife artist needs to recharge the "creative batteries" and being in uninhabited areas where the wild things are is the place to do it.  While most
of the week was spent in the rugged mountains just below the timberline, we explored the beautiful rolling foothills as well and experienced different flora and fauna at each elevation.  Over the years, I had spent so much time in the area that the backcountry roads were familiar to me and I had learned where animals - not people - were likely to be.  This trip did not disappoint and produced a wealth of reference for future sculpture projects. 

Just being there was exhilarating!  The physical beauty is hard to imagine:
Fragrant pine forests; aspen-lined, flowery meadows; rushing trout streams; crisp, cold nights by a wood stove; sizzling trout and
boiled coffee for breakfast . . . the day's adventure ahead!                                                                     

Below, while Trish chooses a fly to catch a Rainbow Trout, in the distance, a cow moose exits the water to join her calf.
The trout in high-mountain lakes don't get very big and they are what we call, "breakfast trout" . . .
four of them fit perfectly in a skillet and are delicious!

In the photo below, note the dark shape of the cow feeding on the shallow lake bottom in the distance.

Below, this beat-up Renegade fly saw lots of action . . . we ate what we caught and had fish every meal.

Below. fishcakes, champagne, and the wilderness shared with my best friend . . .
great memories of my 71st!
 Wilderness Aesthetics . . . to be con't.

The ultimate trout fishcake recipe:

4 freshly caught gilled and gutted 8 - 10 inch trout
fry trout in oil approx. 3 - 4 minutes per side, then take off skin and debone
Mix flaked trout with mashed potatoes,  a little mayo, Dijon mustard, lemon pepper
Capers or horseradish if desired but not chopped onion . . . cakes break apart
Form into cakes, dip into egg, then crumbs.
 Sauté' in canola oil or butter 'til golden brown

Below, are images of trout species found in Colorado.  The watercolor-tinted etchings hang in the Colorado cabin.

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