Sunday, 26 May 2013

#429 In the studio: Bird anatomy, con't . . .

Please start this bird anatomy series with post #403, March 10.

Wings, body, bill, beak, feet, and a myriad of other shapes are assembled
after the sculptor researches, observes, and understands how nature,
the master designer, intended the bird to fly, feed, and function.

These shapes also reflect the way the creature lives on earth;
how they feed and how they fit into their surroundings.

Some birds have all-purpose beaks and feed on many foods while others specialize in just one type of food.
The beak or bill is fully adapted and shaped to do this vital task.

The shape of a bird's beak or bill reflects it's way of life and reveals different ways that birds gather food.
Each individual bird must be researched and it's unique characteristics must be understood.

Below are two images of a large fountain entitled Artful Angler.
When installed, water emerges from the mouth of the fish.
Pelicans have a pouch on the lower mandible which becomes a "scoop" for obtaining their supply of fish.
A bird's beak or bill is shaped by the world it inhabits.

Artful Angler
76"H 42"W 45"D

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  1. Hello Sandy - first time visiting your blog - your work is outstanding. I appreciate the artful study that goes into each piece. Amazing. This piece and the red fox are my favorites so far. But tomorrow I think another piece or two would be - they are all wonderful!