Friday, 10 February 2012

#157 In the field: Artist in residence

Adele, Susan and Trish
Beautiful Sedona, Arizona is situated along Oak Creek and is surrounded by spectacular Red Rock Country.  It is home to many artists, writers, galleries as well as art and nature lovers.

Although most of my time is spent working, I always find the time to enjoy the company of my artist friends who call Sedona home. Trish and I shared dinner with painters, Adele Earnshaw (a New Zealander and 35 year Sedona resident) and Susan Faust this week and as usual, the lively conversation revolved around art. Adele conducts workshops in New Zealand and you will love her Blog.,

Sandy and Trish - Red Rock Country from restaurant window

Children, like animals, use all their senses 
to discover the world.  
Then artists come along and discover 
it the same way all over again.
                                   -Eudora Welty  

"Arizona Sunrise" in clay was modeled last year while
artist in residence at Mountain Trails Gallery in Sedona

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