Tuesday, 13 September 2011

#27 In the Studio: "California Quail" - A preview of two clay models in progress

California Quail are closely related to the Gambel's Quail but have very little range overlap.  Disliked by vintners  -  they are fond of grapes  - the plump game bird is great table fare and is California's state bird.

The first sculpture depicts the cock bird perched atop a branch as a sentry - sounding the "all clear" for the flock to move in.  In the second piece, the hen is nestled against a branch - silent but alert.

The cock bird entitled Gambel's Sunset has been chosen to be the presentation piece at Autry Museum's Masters of American Western Fine Art Exhibition and Sale Feb. 3 and; 4, 2012.  The hen - entitled Gambel's Roost will be introduced as well.  The two can be displayed together as companion pieces.

Clay models of work in progress

Gambel's Sunset

Gambel's Roost

Gambel's Quail in progress - modeled life sized

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