Tuesday, 20 September 2011

#34 Throw on another log . . . Artist's commentary

Over the past weekend, at a major museum art show, a collector asked "What do you think of this painting?" Adding, "You're an artist, is this considered good art?"  My reply was "What do YOU think of the painting?  That's what counts."

The artist who publicly critiques fellow artists' work - even when asked - may have good intentions such as "educating" the inquisitive buyer.  On the down side, his or her remarks can be perceived as self-serving or worse: They can sully the prospective collector's otherwise enjoyment of and confidence in their individual decision making.

Art is subjective and personal: If you connect with a painting or sculpture you will simply love living with it and will probably regret not buying it.  While understanding aesthetic and technical art principles can enhance enjoyment of art in general - no longer are there arbiters of taste.

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