Friday, 12 August 2011

#4 In the studio: Trumpeter Swan study (untitled)

 This is a new work I started a few years ago at the Ontario Lake of the Woods studio.  It is a study of the superbly elegant and graceful trumpeter swan that we routinely see in the Yellowstone area near our Lander, Wyoming headquarters.  It is a small study of a very large bird - over 7 foot wingspan.

Behind the clay model you will see reference photos from my "scrap file" or "morgue" - terms from my early years as an artist in the film and ad agency industry.  Over the years I've accumulated an extensive morgue at the Canadian studio which makes it a wonderful place to research and create new works.  I have spent hours tearing and filing scrap from old magazines.  I often tell my workshop students that sculpture is over 75% (or more) research and knowing the subject and the rest of the time is spent actually modeling the sculpture.

The trumpeter will stay behind when we leave Canada in a few days.  It will be waiting for me when I return in the fall.

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  1. Love your blog - and the swan looks great!