Tuesday, 9 August 2011

#3 In the studio: Making a mold

Today we started the mold on the new whitetail deer at the Lake of the Woods studio.  Notice -Trish has cut off the antlers and one rear leg to make a parts mold that will be cast and assembled in bronze at the foundry.

I'm often asked how it's possible to travel between 3 studios and get my work done. The fact that Trish makes my molds is the main reason.  I don't have to shuttle delicate clay models from the studio to a distant mold maker - if I model a sculpture in Canada or Colorado - the mold is done right there and then taken to the foundry in Lander for casting.

Another reason Trish and I can travel so easily between three studios is our good friend Mary Jo Hemesath.  She lives on the premises of our Lander headquarters and looks  after things such as the yard, the house, horses, chickens, domestic geese and several house and barn cats - the dogs travel with us.  She forwards our mail and with the help of the foundry (and the electronic age) the basic needs are taken care of by these wonderful friends.

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