Thursday, 7 February 2013

#387 Remarque: "Lord of the Swamp" . . .

Figurative art is not a specimen or a facsimile of nature.  Art must leave an impression and make the viewer "feel" . . . Nature provides the original and the artist calls upon this source to invent.  Art is characterized by originality, truth, and invention . . . leading the observer, step by step, through the world around us.

Art does not reproduce what we see;
rather it makes us see. 
                                        - Paul Klee

Below, is a sculpture inspired by a figure in nature.  
The work can be plumbed and used as a fountain fount for a water treatment. 
Thus, the water becomes part of the design.

Lord of the Swamp
14"H 14"W 10"D
Copyright - Sandy Scott

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