Sunday, 20 January 2013

#378 In the studio: "Noble Eagle, Spirit of America"

Last fall I was asked to create a small study of a previously executed eagle monument entitled Noble Eagle, Spirit of America.  A larger maquette had been designed as a precursor to the colossal monument . . .  but a study, which is a smaller version of a maquette, did not exist.

Shown at right is the monument and shown below are a series of pictures that depict the creation of the monument.

The powerful presence of the American Bald Eagle

The massive clay figure towers above the artist in the Lander studio

The general lines and basic masses of a monument must be simple

Masses must be balanced around a central axis

The resin cast maquette in the foreground

The overall contours are suggestive of flight

Shown below, is the recently completed small study of the eagle monument.  Although a clay sketch was created 
similar  to this several years ago, it was never cast.  The monument was so enormous that a larger maquette 
was needed in order to increase the size of the sculpture and obtain correct proportions.  
Shown above is the larger maquette being used as a guide. 


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