Sunday, 9 December 2012

#356 Wyoming studio: "Lunch"

The Wyoming studio headquarters is located on the Popo Agie River, which flows into the Wind River.  The wild river offers excellent trout fishing, and we can actually cast from the studio deck.  Earlier this week, Trish caught 2 nice 14" Brown Trout and I'll share one of my favorite recipes with you . . . trout pate'.

Steam or bake trout.  Pull off skin and lift bones . . . this can usually be done in one piece.  Combine meat with a block of cream cheese, chopped onion, mayo, parmesan cheese, capers, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Variations can be made by substituting capers with pickle relish, or black or green olives.   Also, garlic, green peppers, sun dried tomatoes, can be added.  It's best to choose a combination of 
two or three of these flavors and use one trout per block of cream                                   Be creative!
cheese with the lemon, mayo, and parmesan.  

Original etching - copyright, Sandy Scott 

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