Thursday, 17 May 2012

#237 Throw on another log: "Art" . . .

While teaching workshops, the term, art and what distinguishes art from nature, is often discussed. Over the years, 
I've kept journals and the following are notes and thoughts about these discussions:

Art is characterized by originality, individuality, truth, and invention.  

Art is not a specimen or a facsimile of natural objects or subjects 
nor is it a copy of another artist's work.  

Art  must leave an impression and make the viewer feel something.  

Art is the human condition and the human spirit.  

Art is the result of the individual artist's experience . . . 
therefore, art is an individualized truth.

Nature is the source and provides the inspiration and the actual.  The artist calls upon this immeasurable source 
and creates and invents.  Yet art is universal and art created over the centuries connects the artist (and viewer) 
to past conceptions, realizations, and styles.  Happily, this art history foundation - like nature - is an important 
source and truth for the creative artist.

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