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#610 In the studio and in the foundry: Flexible molds, con't . . .

The focus of this blog is two-fold:  1. Creating a plaster mother-mold after five coats of rubber
                                                           mold material have been applied to the clay model of the sculpture. 
                                                       2.  Pouring liquid wax into the finished mold at the foundry   
                                                            thus creating a wax replica of the clay model. 

To review the initial steps for making a flexible rubber mold, see the previous post then
 go to blog # 572, posted October 8, 2014 and Blog #574, posted October 15, 2014.

Blog #572                      Blog #574

Shown below, five coats of rubber have been applied to the clay model of "First Season Promise"
 and have cured.  Before hot, liquid wax can be poured into the mold,
the two sides of the rubber mold must be encased in a plaster "mother-mold" to give support to the flexible rubber.

Below, is an image of Trish making the first side of the rigid plaster mother-mold for "First Season Promise" in the studio.  

Shown below, Trish has covered the other side of the mold with plaster.

Shown below, the plaster has cured overnight and the two sides are opened.

Shown below, the flexible rubber mold is peeled away, exposing the artist's clay model of the sculpture.

Below, are images taken at the foundry of a technician pouring hot, liquid wax into the mold.

After the liquid wax is poured into the mold, the wax is sloshed and the excess is poured out.

After the wax has cooled, the two sides of the mold are then separated revealing the wax copy. 
the flexible rubber is peeled away and an exact wax replica of the artist's sculpture is removed.  
The technician carefully pulls the flexible rubber from deep undercuts and refrains from tearing the rubber mold.

The flexible rubber mold is now ready for another wax to be poured in order to produce another bronze casting.
The wax replica of the clay model will be used to initiate and expedite the lost-wax bronze casting process at the foundry.

Below, is view #2 of "First Season Promise" cast in bronze.

First Season Promise
11"H 15"W 9"D

The next steps which involve casting the sculpture in bronze at the foundry will be discussed in a future blog.

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Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott and Trish

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