Sunday, 6 April 2014

#519 In the studio: The Tom Browning portrait

Last Sunday, I posted a blog about a new eagle monument in progress in the Wyoming studio . . . 
see post # 517, dated March 30, 2014.  Since then, I've had several inquiries about 
the portrait shown in the upper left corner of the image shown below.

The portrait  in my studio was painted twelve years ago by the superlative painter - Tom Browning.  Tom and Joyce have been dear friends for over 25 years.  Incredibly, one wing of the eagle that I'm now working on, years later, is shown on the far left side of Tom's painting!

This proves the comment I've posted several  times in my
blog that I routinely start a number of different sculptures and keep them "in progress" for many years . . . tweaking, refining, and eventually completing most - but not all - of them.

The Tom Browning painting is what I would grab on the 
            way out if I had a studio fire . . . oh, and the        
Kuhn drawings above the north windows.

 With Browning and Kuhn to inspire me, below are images of works in progress in the
northwest corner of the Wyoming design studio.

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