Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#520 Throw on another log . . . making it in the art world

Recently, a gallery owner told me that a collector had walked in with a group of paintings purchased at the gallery and wanted to return them . . . explaining that the paintings were impossible to live with after reading a political rant on social media by the artist who had created them . . . sadly, I knew the artist.

We all know the benefits of social media . . .  
we not only promote and reveal our work but communicate with fellow artists and friends, express our  conservation concerns and enjoy input and feedback. The flip side to this is the people out there who are interested in our art, who routinely monitor, see, and read our posts but can truly be offended by politically charged,  controversial, non-art issues.                                                                                                                 
When I started out - over 40 years ago - computers were in the distant future and artists interfaced with collectors, galleries, museums, trade magazines, other artists  [excluding friends],  and the press; we socialized on a
different level and one topic was taboo:  politics.  It still should be.

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  1. Well said. I don't like any kind of a rant on social media and immediately "unfriend" the ranter. I don't care whether how insignificant the topic; ranting is just inappropriate. It is much better to roll up the windows of the car or go in an interior closet and scream. Let's spread happiness and all that is beauty.