Wednesday, 5 March 2014

#510 In the field . . . deer

My studio headquarters in Wyoming is located along a tributary of the Wind River and abounds with
many species of wildlife . . . including Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer.  The river turns an abrupt
90 degrees and creates a protective sanctuary for deer and I routinely draw, photograph,
and experience the beautiful creatures.  I never tire of using them as subject matter for my art.

Below, are photographs of deer taken at my Wyoming studio.

I focused on original printmaking during the early years of my career and created many etchings of deer. 
 Over 30 years ago, I decided to take my etchings off the market, store them,
and return them to galleries when I was older and wanted - or needed - to slow down.
The idea was to retire, yet have income from etching sales during the "sunset years"
which I am now experiencing.  Retirement has not been possible because I'm
enjoying the most productive, energized, and creative time in my life.  Taking old etchings
out of storage recently and returning them to galleries has been like visiting old friends.

Below, are a few of the many deer etchings created years ago.

 Button Buck


 Mule Deer

 High Country

Feels So Good

Running Buck

Whitetail In Snow

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