Sunday, 23 February 2014

#507 Throw on another log . . . whisper

There really are no hard, fast rules or principles of design, 
but simplicity, harmony, and subtlety can be a guide.  
Sculpture does not have to shout - it can whisper.

It's possible to put as much, if not more, 
vitality into a sculpture of an animal in a tranquil pose as in 
one depicting violent action.  The viewer can tire of the latter.  

A work of art combines composition, proportion,
and the arrangement of shapes and form to lead
the view to an artistic conclusion.

The greatest expression is communicated through the largest shapes.
The sculptor must say as much as possible with the large forms before being concerned with detail.

There's no technique or trick that can be taught to explain how to create a good, strong shape.
The theory must be felt or sensed to be understood by both the viewer and the artist.
Just as a whisper makes one listen more closely, one looks with greater understanding at uncomplicated
sculptural statements.  Power is gained through simplicity and simple shapes tell greater truths.

Below, are sculptures of quiet poses, modeled from life . . . the style,
sentiment, and spirit was derived from the subject.

Preening Cat


Sleepy Fox

Cougar at Ease


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