Sunday, 6 October 2013

#467 In the field: Yellowstone, con't . . .

While in Yellowstone recently, we saw many different animal species including the Grizzly.
Years ago,  it was fairly uncommon to see them . . . but we see them almost every visit now. 

We live less than three hours southeast of the park and griz are routinely seen now in places we hike and fish.
We're very cautious in these areas, hike with a bell and bear spray, and there are some places close to home that we simply don't venture into now . . .  Grizzly continue to move into our section of the Wind River Range south of Yellowstone.

Below, while on our recent Yellowstone field trip,  I took this shot in the Hayden Valley as we spotted a griz  foraging and crossing a distant meadow.  We moved on as he appeared to be moving our way.

The  Grizzly is one of my favorite subjects and I've experienced the bear not only in Yellowstone,
but on the many trips I've taken to Alaska over the years.

Below, are images of  Grizzly I photographed thirty three years ago on my first trip to Alaska.  
I was on Kodiak Island - where the griz is known as the Brown Bear -  and back then,
I used a Pentax 35 mm, and shot a lot of black and white.

Like most artists, I've always used the camera in conjunction with my sketchbook.
During the '70s, my primary interest was etching and original printmaking.

Below, is a small portfolio of etchings and sculpture depicting the splendid animal:  Grizzly!

Kodiak Moment

Kodiak Moment

Power Hungry

On the Rocks

Chum Run Monument

Blog, text, photos, drawings, and sculpture . . . © Sandy Scott

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