Sunday, 4 August 2013

#449 Rabbits

I'm a country girl and my Father was a rancher, farmer, and dairyman.  I have had a love and 
appreciation of animals and the agrarian lifestyle since childhood.   We have horses, chickens, 
geese, goats, rabbits as well as cats and dogs at our Wyoming headquarters.  We live in a rural area 
on a river's bend and wildlife abounds . . . I have plenty of models for my artwork, both domestic and wild.

We raise and breed New Zealand White and Silver Fox domestic rabbits. . . 
both are large breeds and can be crossbred.  Rabbits breed and grow so 
quickly that one pair of does can produce more than 600 pounds of delicious, 
nutritious white meat in a year.

Below, Trish is holding a young New Zealand White buck 
that will get about 40% bigger when full-grown.

 I routinely use the animals as models, and below I'm working on a little rabbit study 
in the design studio.  The sculpture was blocked in earlier in front of the hutch.  
I've enlarged the ears and have not attempted to create a specimen of the breeds we raise.

Below, is a sculpture cast in bronze entitled; "Recumbent Hare".

Recumbent Hare

Below, is an original hand-tinted etching entitled The Clearing.

Blog, text, photos, sculpture, drawings, and etchings . . . © Sandy Scott


  1. Very well done, I have such a soft spot for rabbits and love seeing them painted, sculpted so beautifully!

  2. your dad also liked rebuilding wrecked cars, i remember a 58 caddy that he rebuilt, he was quite a craftsman.