Wednesday, 14 August 2013

#452 Sculpture en plein air . . . the live model

Sculpting from a live model, outdoors and en plein air,  can be a rewarding experience.   
However, the situation for the sculptor is quite different from traditional studio work.   
Please refer to the last post, dated Aug.11, 2013, for an introduction to this post. 

The initial challenge is direct sunlight which makes oil-based 
plastilene clay difficult to work with unless the air temperature is cold.

The live model serves only as a point of reference and it's best to 
predetermine the pose with a sketchbook as illustrated below.

Once the pose and proportion is determined, the sculptor must build an armature.  
An armature is an internal frame designed to support the clay and the work in process.   
Armatures for figurative sculpture are generally made of plumber's pipe and wire as shown below.  
By keeping the armature simple and flexible, the artist can make design changes as needed. 

Below, is the little goat study, from life, at completion of a one-sitting, plein air session.

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