Wednesday, 3 April 2013

#413 In the studio: Bird anatomy, con't . . .

Please start this bird anatomy series with post #403, March 10.

The bird's leg is similar in structure to the human.  Many believe that a bird's knee bends backwards 
because they mistake the ankle for the knee.  As in man . . . a bird's knee bends forward.

The bird's knees and thighs are hidden under feathers . . . you don't see the bird's knee 
and the joint that appears to be the knee is actually the ankle.

Below is a drawing comparing the human leg with a bird's leg.
Scroll to the last blog and see how the bird's leg attaches to the skeleton.

Copyright - Sandy Scott

Below, is one of my favorite works entitled Hay Bay.  The sculpture depicts a live-sized Mallard pitching in for a landing.  Note the bend at the bird's ankle . . . the knee is hidden by feathers.

Hay Bay
19"H 25"W 14"D
Sandy Scott

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