Tuesday, 5 February 2013

#386 In the field: Autry Masters, con't . . .

I enjoyed brisk sales at the Autry Masters . . . it was rewarding to see all of the "intent to purchase" names pulled out of the box and posted!  All work was new 
and introduced at the show.

Below, images and memories of one the most important exhibitions of representational art in the country:  
The Autry Masters.  For more information about the show, start with post #379, Jan. 22 and go to  http://theautry.org/masters

Left to right: Joyce Browning, Trish Smith, John Potter, Sandy Scott, Tom Browning

 Jackie Autry, Founding Chair, Life Trustee, and collector of my work

Jim and Jodie Rea, Trustees, friends, and collectors of my work

Friend and fellow artist, Howard Terpning
Howard and Marlies have one of my fountains at their home in Tucson

 Fellow artist, Dean Mitchell . . . I have admired his work for many years

Nesting Heron was among my works that sold well at Autry

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