Friday, 8 June 2012

#253 In the foundry: New works

It is very important to me to introduce new work at the major invitational museum shows as well as gallery openings. This year, my new buffalo fragments have been very popular and collectors have responded to the way in which the sculpture can be placed.  Mantlepieces, such as the pair shown below, came be displayed close to the wall and large fragment panels such as the enormous bison panel can be displayed in areas of limited space.  Weight and cost is significantly reduced and the contemporary, yet ancient "feel" of the bronzes appeal to many collectors.

Buffalo Fragments III & IV Mantlepiece
This new work will be introduced at the Prix de West Invitational this weekend at the 
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City

Bison Fragment II
The bison panel is heated and golden ferric nitrate is stippled over the blue cupric nitrate undercoating.
This new work was introduced and sold at the Gilcrease Rendezvous Reunion in Tulsa, OK in April.

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