Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#268 Beyond my window: Geese, gander, and gosling

Today's post is an update about the gosling hatched 6 weeks ago at my studio headquarters in Lander, Wyoming. See posts #247 and #248; May 30 and 31.  

The gray gander has been released from his pen and the gaggle is together now that the gosling has grown. Time will tell, during mating, if the gosling is a goose or a gander.  The young one is maturing with gray and white markings.

Observing, drawing, and photographing animals, whether domestic or wild,
provide a source of reference for future etchings, paintings, and sculptures.  

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  1. I just found your blog through the Museum of wildlife art's facebook page. We have enjoyed your work for several years. My husband is a sculptor too, so I understand the study of animals and how that translates into great sculpture. I am looking forward to seeing your work on the sculpture trail at the museum.