Monday, 24 October 2011

#63 Remarque: "A Day on the Bay" (Bufflehead Duck)

This morning a flock of bufflehead ducks flew into the bay where my cabin is located on Lake of the Woods.

Buffleheads belong to the subfamily of diving ducks and are definitely separated from the subfamily of surface-feeding ducks which include mallards, teal, gadwall, widgeon and pintail.  The diving ducks such as scaup (or bluebill), goldeneye and bufflehead prefer open, deeper water on large bays where they can dive for their food.

The wildlife artist (and hunter) must know the difference between the 35 species of ducks common to North America. The surface feeding ducks - commonly called dabblers - feed on vegetation along the shore and are generally better table fare than the divers which subsist on fish, shellfish and other aquatic matter.

Recipe for Bufflehead Duck:

Place the duck and a rock in large pot of water and boil.
The duck is ready to eat when you can stick a fork into the rock.

A Day on the Bay
12"H 15"W 10"D

A Day on the Bay
Second view

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